Dennis A. Jose

DENNIS A. JOSE (b. 1957) is a prolific sculptor, painter, and writer with 30 years of experience. His art is widely collected in the US, Europe and Pacific Rim.

His three-decade study of the Visual Arts has taken him to classrooms and studios in Africa, the Middle East, the Universities of Wisconsin, Madison, the University of Oregon, Eugene, and the School of the Art Institute, Chicago.

Jose’s literary credits include writing on-air copy for Walter Cronkite, representing Chicago’s noted Green Mill in national competitions, as well as a range of projects, which include crafting film scripts to helping “ghost-write” fiction and non-fiction books.

Jose is founder and director of Art Lab 123 (online at ArtLab123.com). He is also a public art creator, a chapbook publisher for emerging writers, and was a leader of a performance troop, which traveled to several states and Mexico.

Artist Statement

I have produced art for over 30 years and it has become a journal of my life. My art reflects various states of mind, and the ups and downs of daily life by an ever-exploring restless soul. Due to not liking to repeat myself, I have produced paintings, drawings, and sculptures in a variety of materials and styles.

Over the years I have identified several themes in my artwork.

  • Flight
  • Movement
  • Beauty
  • Tragedy
  • The visceral quality of life

I view the art I produce as artifacts; the process of making the work is the art. If others come to the work and renew the dialog – this is wonderful! My artifact is transformed into to ART anew. And this is the best of all possible worlds.